I never said I was gone, but I’m back

Hey all. I haven’t updated my blog in three months. There are a few reasons for this. One, my struggles with my mental health are perpetual and some months I find it nearly impossible to juggle freelance copywriting with all the other writing I love.

Second, I’ve plunged into writing a novel, and it’s consumed the vast bulk of my extra writing time in recent months. I’ve never tried something this big before and it’s taken me this long to be confident that I can keep writing my manuscript while not neglecting this space that has been so important to me.

So I’m back, hopefully consistently and for a long time. Posts on movies and other stuff coming soon.

About johnmichaelmaximilian

Freelance writer from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Movies are my favorite thing.

One response to “I never said I was gone, but I’m back”

  1. Jay says :

    I never said goodbye, but welcome back.

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