RIP Setsuko Hara

Setsuko Hara, the splendid actress whose collaborations with Yasujiro Ozu are so essential to both film history and to me personally, has passed away.  She died in September, but the news was withheld for several weeks at her request.

I don’t have too much to express that others haven’t already, other than my own sadness at the passing of a wonderful artist whose work is so important to me. For those who aren’t familiar with her work and her significance in cinema history, Ronald Bergan wrote a lovely obituary for The Guardian.

For my own thoughts, I’ll refer you to my post “Anxiety/Ozu“, which touches on why I love her films with Ozu (two of which are featured prominently in the post) so much.

If you’re not familiar with the films Ozu or Hara, start with their “Noriko Trilogy” of Late Spring, Early Summer, and Tokyo Story. These are movies that nurture the soul. You won’t regret it.

RIP Setsuko. Your films have gotten me through some of my most trying times.


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