Movie review roulette: selection #3

Here’s my running list of films, compiled at 3 in the morning yesterday, aiming for as much variety as I could cognitively achieve at that hour.

Three Colors: Red

Raise the Red Lantern


The Princess Bride

Children of Men


Being John Malkovich

Millennium Actress

La Dolce Vita

Rear Window


Arsenic and Old Lace


Au Revoir Les Enfants

The Tree of Life


I stuck them in a list randomizer, and its choice was:Image

So that write-up will be going up next week.

New to the pool (replacing Three Colors: Red): Dark City


About johnmichaelmaximilian

Freelance writer from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Movies are my favorite thing.

One response to “Movie review roulette: selection #3”

  1. Nicole McLernon says :

    I can’t wait for the write-up on The Princess Bride. I can literally quote the entire film. And Children of Men. Oh my goodness gracious. Such an amazing film. Arsenic and Old Lace, Casablanca, Tree of Life. So good!!

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