Can we stop talking about Armond White and start talking about what a horrible critic Rex Reed is? Armond White is a troll, yes, but once you learn to take his opinions with extra salt, his sins are largely contained to the oddness of his film opinions.

But Rex Reed still has a job as a film critic despite continually proving to be terrible at the job, and a terrible person to boot.

Want a rundown?

  • He made cruel remarks about Melissa McCarthy’s weight and defended them as simply criticizing the comedy she makes. He didn’t say which part of calling her a “female hippo” was criticizing her comedic chops.
  • In a profile of Hugh Dancy (from a few years ago) he gave himself a sidebar to insult and degrade people with Asperger syndrome.
  • He was the main proponent of the lie that Marisa Tomei’s Oscar was mistakenly awarded to her, a lie that followed Tomei for years.
  • He’s a terrible film critic as well. In his review of “The Cabin in the Woods”, he straight up got the movie wrong. Not his opinions; he literally described scenes that did not actually happen. I personally didn’t like “The Cabin in the Woods”, but every review of every film has to be at least factually accurate.
  • He then used said review as a soapbox to insult anyone who dared like the movie. Again, I didn’t like the movie myself, but insulting people who do is wildly immature and unprofessional.
  • Recently, he gave a scathing review to “V/H/S 2”, a four part horror anthology. He walked out on the movie after 20 minutes. This would be acceptable if he, doing his job as a critic, made half an effort describe his experience beyond simply dismissing the horror elements of the movie off-hand. However, his review clocks in at 136 words, and he only casually mentions that he walked out early at the very end. It’s a lazy, dreadful piece of writing.

As someone who really does care about film criticism, it’s genuinely disheartening to see someone like Rex Reed calling himself a critic, and getting paid to do so.

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Freelance writer from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Movies are my favorite thing.

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